Permanent Mount Tent Trailer Rack System
ermanent Mount Tent Trailer Rack
The Permanent Mount Tent Trailer Rack mounts directly to the tent trailer rooftop. ProRac engineered mounting technology is utilized providing a simple, but incredibly strong mounting platform. A UV stabilized Santoprene® footpad is fitted to the UV stabilized super tough nylon foot sealing and preventing roof rack vibration. The rack offers a rugged aerodynamic design and is completely adjustable accommodating a variety of applications. The Pro-File crossbars are designed with a unique profile extruded from Aluminum 6063 alloy giving you a hefty 150-pound total load capacity (consult manufacturer for Tent Trailer roof weight limitations). Aluminum construction provides strength and rigidity while being lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Engineered Advantages:
  • Durable black powder coated crossbars
  • Crossbars have an integrated T-SLOT giving a clean looking and secure mounting method for bike carriers, water sport carriers, cargo boxes, etc
  • Crossbar feet are injection molded from UV stabilized super tough Nylon
  • Various crossbar widths are available to accommodate different tent trailers
  • Full width crossbars provide a load-bearing surface for securing canoes, kayaks, bikes, and cargo pods

Fiberglass roof mounting kit:
Printable installation guide for Fiberglass roof mounting kit

Aluminum clad/wood frame mounting kit:
Printable installation guide for Aluminum clad/wood frame mounting kit

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