Work Rack
Pro-Rac Work/Utility Rack with Lo-Pro tracks
The Pro-Rac Work/Utility Rack is designed to provide a greater load-bearing surface required for industrial and trade applications. The base of this industrial strength rack is our time tested Lo-Pro tracks. The contoured high impact resistant ABS feet were designed using engineering principles providing the best in form and function. The load bars utilize our proven profile and are extruded from Aluminum 6063 alloy giving strength and rigidity in a light-weight package. This rack is perfect for carrying large bulky loads such as ladders, lumber, plywood, and other large construction items. Not only is it functional for work applications, but also it is functional at play. The load bars will accept all ProRac application products such as load stops, sliding tie downs, and other recreational products. The ProRac Utility Rack is proof that a rugged and versatile roof rack can look good too.

Engineered Advantages:
  • Unique extrusion profile provides 300 pound load capacity (consult vehicle or cap manufacturer for weight restrictions)
  • Load bars are available in 54" and 72" widths to accommodate your vehicle and application
  • Load bars are pre drilled to accommodate track spacing of 36", 40" or 48"

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Fiberglass/Composite Mount:
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Steel Roof Mount (Instructions currently not available):

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