Lo-Pro Tracks
ProRac Lo-Pro Tracks mounted on top of a vehicle and closup of sliding tie downs and crossbar anchors
The Lo-Pro product consists of two tracks mounted to the top of the vehicle providing a sleek finished look to the roof top. The Lo-Pro comes complete with sliding tie downs and crossbar anchors. ProRac Pro-File crossbars can be easily added to the Lo-Pro tracks providing a fully functional roof rack capable of carrying any of the ProRac application products.

Engineered Advantages:
  • Aluminum construction provides strength and rigidity while being light weight and corrosive resistant
  • Tracks are painted with black powder coat finish for added durability
  • Two custom fit tracks with gaskets mount directly to the roof top
  • Lo Pro Tracks are available in four, five and six foot lengths to accommodate all types of vehicles
  • Six sliding tie downs are included to secure your cargo
  • Four sliding anchors allow for various crossbar attachment points
  • Low profile tracks add very little height to the vehicle which allows the vehicle to easily fit in the garage
  • Mounting kits available for different applications including metal roof and fiberglass truck cap / tonneau cover

Printable PDF of installation guide for Lo-Pro product